Build a 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Nowadays we can’t even imagine a world without power. Even an intermittent power failure is so inconvenient. As we depend on electricity in many important areas of our life, it is important to take persuasion against power failures and that’s where the inverter plays an important role. There are multiple types of inverters in the market, such as square wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and pure sine wave inverters. The cheapest options would be square wave and modified sine wave inverters.

Jobit Joseph Fri, 05/27/2022 - 15:41
There is a 90% Decline in Solar Cost Trend in India in the Last Ten Years

Of late, Mordor Intelligence, a market research firm stated that the market for solar energy in India is speculated to reach a CAGR of 8 percent from 2020 until the end of 2027. In fact, experts also highlighted that the COVID-19 pandemic failed to impact the market in India because a sufficient volume of growth was already viewed in the solar PV installed capacity in 2020 compared to 2019.

Nijhum Rudra Thu, 05/26/2022 - 14:03

Teardown of 3S, 6A Lithium Ion Battery Management and Protection Module (BMS) with Schematics, Parts List and Working

In this article, we will be learning about the features and working of a 3S 6A lithium Battery Management System or BMS along with checking out the components and the circuitry of this module. Furthermore, we have done complete reverse engineering of the module by removing all the components from the PCB and measuring all the PCB traces with the multimeter. For testing the BMS and the circuit, we have built a battery pack and we will charge and discharge the battery pack with it. 

Semiconductor Industry is Expected to Reach the Trillion-dollar Mark by the End of this Decade

For the past few years, India’s semiconductor industry has been transforming at a massive scale with the help of various schemes and initiatives unleashed by the government. But, when we speak of infrastructure, the nation has only one foundry and OSAT. There are infrastructure challenges (continuous power, water) in maintaining such manufacturing units. The PLI scheme can help build more foundries and OSATs in India to support end-to-end solutions development.

The Semiconductor Industry will Have a Strong Growth in 2022 in all End Markets and Regions

Back in 2021, when the semiconductor shortages forced car-makers to halt a huge line of production, the semiconductor industry witnessed its importance and found the spotlight. Everywhere people were discussing the tiny product that helps in various car functions from interior lighting to seat control to blind-spot detection. Now, when the IT hardware and consumer electronic firms started witnessing chip shortages from 2020 and supply chain imbalance, the attention increased. Scores of challenges then surrounded the semiconductor industry and the shortage.

What are the Requirements to Expand, Enhance Semiconductor Supply Chains?

As the Russian-Ukrainian fracas continues, various countries and firms are now busy in evaluating where the upcoming disturbance and disruption in the supply chain will happen. Now, as the financial frictions escalate between China and other western countries, a huge concern over China’s dominating action on Taiwan has augmented. These worries have spotted the requirements of  superior visibility of sub-tier supply chains for intricate items like semiconductors, and also the necessity of cleverly expanding the global semiconductor supply chains.

Nijhum Rudra Wed, 05/04/2022 - 17:25