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This section covers basic electronics tutorials in various electronics domains. If you are an absolute beginner, this section is the starting point to learn the basic electronics concepts. Once you are the done with understanding the basic concepts, head towards the electronics circuits section and try your hands on few circuits.


Darlington Transistor

Darlington Transistor Pair

Darlington transistor is invented in 1953, by a US electrical engineer and inventor, Sidney Darlington. Darlington transistor...

Quartz Crystal Oscillator

Quartz Crystal Oscillator

In our previous RC Phase Shift Oscillator and Wein Bridge Oscillator tutorials, we get fair idea about what is an Oscillator....

Kirchhoff's Law

Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law

Today we will learn about Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law. Before going into detail and its theory part, let’s see what actually it is...

DC Circuit Theory

DC Circuit Theory

What is DC?

In elementary school, we learned that everything is made by atoms. This is a product of three particles: Electrons...