130+ DIY Raspberry Pi Projects and Tutorials with Code and Schematics

Raspberry pi is a powerful palm sized pocket computer based on the ARM cortex architecture. Because of its high operating speed, memory and wireless capabilities it is used by electronics engineers and makers for a variety of applications like Home Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Computer vision etc.. The below list consist of a list of popular and useful Raspberry Pi projects using Raspberry pi 2, Raspberry pi 3 and Raspberry pi 4, ranging from basic projects for beginners to advanced industrial projects. All projects are explained with circuit diagram and a hardware working video. The python code for Raspberry pi is also provided for a complete do-it-yourself tutorial.

DIY Raspberry Pi RGB LCD HAT

Raspberry Pi Hats are the same as shields for Arduino, they can directly fit on the top of Raspberry Pi and don’t require any...