Op-amp Circuits

Op-Amps  or Operational Amplifiers are called as the workhorse of Analog circuits. There are many types of Op-Amp IC, but the most commonly used ones are the LM358 and LM741. Based on the circuit design, Op-Amps can be configured for many applications like Amplifiers, Comparators, Integrators, Differentiators, Summer, Voltage Follower etc..  The below list from Circuit Digest consists of a huge collection of Op-amp Circuits with neat circuit diagram and practical DIY hardware explanation enabling you to master the operational amplifier basics.

Sample and Hold Circuit

Sample and Hold Circuit takes samples from the analog input signal and hold them for particular period of time and then outputs...

Voltage Follower using Opamp

Voltage Follower is simply a circuit in which output follows the input, means output voltage remains same as input voltage. It...