Microcontroller Based Projects

Microcontrollers are a small computer integrated on a single chip. They are widely used in various industries and products from electronics devices to home appliances to automobiles.  Microcontrollers are required in the products and applications where small computing or logical operations need to be performed. So with this huge importance and demand of microcontrollers in industries, they are a prominent part of electrical and electronics studies.

There is a large number of semiconductor companies manufacturing variety of microcontrollers, the most popularly used ones are ARM microcontrollers, 8051 series, AVR series, Microchip's PIC microcontrollers, TI's microcontrollers, etc. Below section covers a list of simple microcontroller projects to learn and work with the concepts of various microcontrollers and architectures. These microcontroller based projects are covered with detailed explanation of working of hardware, circuit diagrams, software and codes.  If you want to see the projects based on microcontroller categories, check the project lists of 8051 microcontrollers, AVR microcontrollers, PIC microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.


Apr 14, 2016

PWM with Arduino Due

Arduino Due is an ARM controller based board designed for electronic engineers and hobbyists. ARM architecture is very...

Apr 02, 2016

Capacitance Meter using Arduino

When we come across circuit boards which are previously designed or we take out one from old TV or computer, in attempt to...

Mar 07, 2016

Arduino GPS Clock

There are many GPS satellites around the Earth which are used to provide the exact location of any place. Along with the...

Mar 05, 2016

How to Use GPS with Arduino

GPS is a very useful device which is used in many electronics projects and applications like vehicle tracking system, GPS Clock...