CoolGan 600V e-mode HEMT for Increased Efficiency and Reliability in Telecom Power Applications

Published  March 9, 2021   0
CoolGaN 600V e-mode HEMT from Infineon Technologies

The CoolGaN 600V e-mode HEMT from Infineon Technologies ensures to deliver high efficiency and reliability in telecom power supply systems. This new device is the key component in Delta’s DPR 3000E EnergE rectifiers and enables an energy efficiency of 98%. Encompassed in the DFN8x8 package, it offers a power density of 56.8 W/in³ and provides high performance while consuming minimal energy.

With highly efficient GaN transistor technology for power conversion in the voltage range of up to 600V, this high-quality device is the most reliable and high-performing solution among the competitive ones already up in the market. It offers high-frequency operation above 200-250 kHz and provides ultra-fast switching speed and short dead time. 

Improved power density, high system efficiency, system cost reduction along with higher operating frequency are the key features of this device. Enhancement mode transistor, ultrafast switching, no reverse-recovery charge, reverse conduction capability, low gate charge, low output charge, superior commutation ruggedness are other notable features of CoolGaN 600 V e-mode HEMT.

Additionally, the device has qualified for standard grade applications according to JEDEC standards. It is available in top- as well as bottom-side cooled SMD packages and is ideal to be used in industrial applications such as a server, datacom, telecom, adapter/charger, wireless charging, and audio with the most robust and performing concept in the market.