Standard Logic Devices in Ultra-Compact DHXQFN Packages

Published  July 1, 2021   0
Nexperia DHXQFN Packages for standard logic devices

Nexperia has developed small and low profile 14, 16, 20, and 24 pin DHXQFN packages to provide a small footprint in standard logic devices. Measuring just 2 mm x 2 mm (14 pin), 2 mm x 2.4 mm (16 pin), 2 mm x 3.2 mm (20 pin), and 2 mm x 4 mm (24 pin), the 0.4 mm pitch, 0.45 mm height, these DHXQFN packages help in saving space on PCB.

The 16 pin DHXQFN package is 45% smaller than the industry-standard DQFN16 leadless device. The new DHXQFN package enables complex functions like 74HC595 shift registers to fit into space-sensitive applications like smart watches, mobile devices, and internet-connected industrial devices. Besides the small footprint of the new DHXQFN packages that enable devices to be placed closer to the bypass capacitor, the new packages offer a 25% saving in the PCB area.

The DHXQFN packages feature hex inverting Schmitt-triggers; 8-bit SIPO shift registers with output latches; 4-bit dual supply translating transceivers; octal buffer/line drivers; octal bus transceivers; and 8-bit dual supply translating transceivers.

Key Features of DHXQFN Packages

  • Smallest and thinnest package in 14, 16, 20, and 24.

  • Significant space savings up to 25% on a PCB area compared to competitors’ packages.

  • 45% of space-saving compare to the industry standard DQFN package.

  • Small footprint and thinness of the package make it conducive for space-constrained applications.

  • Delivers better performance due to closer placement of supply bypass capacitor C.

  • Control plan in place for process, product & package

  • RoHS and dark-green compliant

The small footprint of the packages can prove advantageous for the design with limited board space for glue logic parts. Other than this, it also results in enhanced performance in high-frequency applications as the traces between the logic device and capacitor are shorter.