Third-Generation 1200V SiC MOSFETs to Improve Efficiency and Ultra-Fast Switching Speeds in Industrial and Automotive Applications

Published  February 18, 2021   0
Third-Generation 1200V G3R SiC MOSFETs

GeneSiC Semiconductor’s new third-generation 1200V G3R SiC MOSFETs with low on-state resistance and best figure-of-merits can surpass its currently available options in terms of performance, robustness, and quality to harness extremely high levels of efficiency and system reliability in automotive and industrial applications. Faster switching frequency, increased power density, reduced ringing (EMI), and compact system size are the additional system benefits that this new device offers.

RDS(ON) levels ranging from 20 mΩ to 350 mΩ make the device capable of realizing ultra-fast switching and achieving the highest efficiencies (low Eon -Eoff) across a wide range of application switching frequencies. Encompassed in optimized low-inductance discrete packages (SMD and through-hole), the G3R SiC MOSFETs are highly optimized for power system designs requiring elevated efficiency levels and ultra-fast switching speeds.

Key Features of G3R SiC MOSFETs

  • Superior QG x RDS(ON) figure-of-merit like low on-state resistance with a very low gate charge, resulting in 20% better figure-of-merit than any other similar competitor device
  • Low conduction losses at all temperatures
  • 100 % avalanche (UIL) tested during production
  • Low gate charge and low internal gate resistance for realizing ultra-fast switching and achieving high efficiencies (low Eon -Eoff) across a wide range of application switching frequencies
  • Normally-off a stable operation up to 175°C without any malfunction risk. The superior gate oxide quality of these devices prevents any threshold (VTH) drift
  • Low device capacitances viz. Ciss, Coss, and Crss
  • Fast and reliable body diode with low intrinsic charge 
  • Can be driven at +15V / -5V gate drive. This offers the broadest compatibility with existing commercial IGBT and SiC MOSFET gate drivers.

Besides achieving unsurpassed performance levels, the device delivers assured quality supported by fast turn-around high volume manufacturing further enhancing their value proposition. This new generation MOSFETs can be used in the power train and charging in electrical vehicles, solar inverter, and energy storage, industrial motor drive, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), switched-mode power supply (SMPS), bi-directional DC-DC converters, smart grid, and HVDC, induction heating and welding and pulsed power applications.

The GeneSiC SiC MOSFETs from the company come in industry-standard D2PAK, TO-247, and SOT-227 packages. These can be used in automotive applications (AEC-Q101) and are PPAP-capable. The new devices are available for purchase through authorized distributors.