The Fusion of AI and Robotics: DIY Hand Gesture Robot Takes Center Stage

Published  December 8, 2023   0
S Staff
Hand Gesture Robot

In a dazzling display of innovation, the mixture of AI and robotics has birthed a remarkable creation: a hand gesture-controlled robot. Crafted by a tech enthusiast in a captivating DIY video, this robot embarked on a journey from conceptualization to reality through amazing design and assembly. The video chronicles the meticulous process undertaken by the creator, beginning with the design phase. Unable to find the desired chassis online, the creator tried to design it from scratch, Using Fusion 360 to transform a 2D drawing into a 3D model—a critical foundation for this bespoke robot.

The subsequent stage unfolded with the utilization of a 3D printer to breathe life into the envisioned parts. Ten hours of continuous printing birthed the tangible components necessary for assembly, culminating in the meticulous construction of the robot's chassis and incorporation of N20 micro metal gear motors. Not stopping at standard wheels, the creator opted for mecanum wheels, enabling omnidirectional movement—an impressive feature that set this robot apart.

Utilizing online tools like EASYEDA and JLCPCB's services, the creator meticulously crafted and manufactured PCBs tailored to the project's intricate requirements. Integrating Arduino Nano, motor drivers, accelerometers, and radio modules, the circuits came to life, ready for installation and synchronization with the robot.

However, the true magic arose in the programming phase, where the creator harnessed the capabilities of an AI language model, ChatGPT, to generate foundational code structures for the transmitter and receiver circuits. Customization and refinement ensued, resulting in codes that facilitated flawless communication between hand gestures and the robot's movements.

Upon successful coding and assembly, the robot exhibited its prowess, responding seamlessly to hand gestures and boasting multiple modes, including a drift mode for lateral movement and a corner drive mode for skillful corner navigation.