STM32G4 Scope : A DIY 4 Channel Oscilloscope

Published  August 10, 2023   0
S Staff
DIY 4 Channel Oscilloscope

The maker jgpeiro has created a 4-channel DIY oscilloscope based on STM32G4 MCU. The device features a 480x320 resolution touch screen display, achieving an impressive 50 FPS frame rate through the use of the ported version of Nuklear libraries, which is originally intended for PC gaming. At its core, the STM32G474VE microcontroller, coupled with ample FLASH and RAM memory, drives the oscilloscope's performance. Notably, the design's analog front end ensures precise signal processing. This includes a multifunctional input stage for impedance matching and offset accommodation, and an output stage that allows generating diverse waveforms with frequencies up to 1 MHz.  The analog front end utilises external OPA4322 op-amp from TI, along with the internal op-amp and PGA. The integration of an IPS TFT display for enhanced visual quality and optimizing luminosity for extended battery life are potential areas for future development. The whole device is built on a 4-layer PCB to ensure the proper signal integrities and to avoid any possible cross talks.

The firmware for the oscilloscope is written on top of FreeRTOS framework, makes it much more convenient for future updates and as well as in adding more features to it. This STM32G4 oscilloscope project is a testament to the synergy of electronics expertise, innovation, and intelligent design, underscoring the vast potential of the STM32 platform in pushing the boundaries of electronic instrumentation. You can find extensive details about the project in the original project page.