Small-Sized Broadband Inductors for High-Impedance Performance in Vehicle-Mounted PoC

Published  August 24, 2021   0
LQW43FT_0H Series Inductors

Measuring 1812 inch, Murata’s new broadband inductors for Bias-T circuits provide high inductance of 22 μH and high current of 700 mA in vehicle-mounted PoC used in SerDes interfaces. These new inductors use Murata's original ceramic materials and coil structures to offer high performance.

The new LQW43FT_0H series ensures high-impedance performance over a broad range in the low frequency band from several MHz to 100 MHz. The product can be used in combination with existing Murata products LQW32FT 0H Series (1210 inch size) and LQW21FT 0H Series (0805 inch size) to reduce the number of parts and mounting space required for PoC. This can help to reduce the size and weight of devices installed in vehicle-mounted cameras.

Key Features of LQW43FT_0H Series Inductors

  • Small-Size: 1812 inch size inductor for Bias-T circuits that provides both a high inductance of 22 μH and a high current of 700 mA.
  • Ideal for use as inductors for vehicle-mounted PoC used in SerDes interfaces.
  • Product lineup supports a wide inductance range (10 μH to 22 μH).

The mass production of LQW43FT_0H series is scheduled to begin in September 2021.