Single-Chip Multi-Output Power Supply ICs

Published  February 27, 2024   0
S Staff
InnoMux-2 Integrated Circuit

Power Integrations recently introduced the InnoMux-2 family, which comprises single-stage, independently regulated multi-output offline power supply integrated circuits (ICs). These ICs streamline power conversion by integrating both AC-to-DC and downstream DC-to-DC conversion stages into a single chip. This design offers up to three independently regulated outputs, resulting in a reduced component count, a smaller PCB footprint, and improved efficiency of up to 10% compared to conventional two-stage architectures. For enhanced efficiency, InnoMux-2 ICs employ 750 V PowiGaN™ gallium-nitride transistors. They offer stable performance with accurate regulation (better than ±3%) across various conditions due to zero-voltage switching and synchronous rectification. With a total power system efficiency exceeding 90%, these ICs are ideal for energy-efficient applications.

The InnoMux-2 controller effectively handles low-load power delivery, eliminating the need for pre-load resistors and minimizing no-load consumption to less than 30 mW. This feature aligns with standby usage regulations like the EU's EuP. Packaged in thermally efficient InSOP™24 and InSOP™28 options with integrated PCB cooling, these ICs eliminate the need for additional heatsinks. Offered in configurations with dual and three output constant voltage, and the option for a dedicated constant current output, they cater to diverse applications such as TVs, monitors, appliances, networking devices, home automation, LED lighting, and industrial power supplies.


InnoMux-2 IMX2174F devices are priced from $1.11 for 50,000 units, with data sheets, three reference design reports, and an introduction video available for immediate access.