Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module Released for Higher Efficiency and Miniaturization of Industrial Equipment

Published  February 26, 2021   0
MG800FXF2YMS3 Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module

MG800FXF2YMS3, a silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET module from Toshiba Electronic Devices integrates newly developed dual-channel SiC MOSFET chips with 3300V and 800A rating for industrial applications. These new SiC MOSFET modules contribute to the high efficiency and miniaturization of industrial equipment.

The product adopts an iXPLV (intelligent fleXible Package Low Voltage) package with silver sintering internal bonding technology and high mounting-compatibility to achieve a channel temperature of 175°C. The MG800FXF2YMS3 MOSFET meets the needs for high-efficiency, compact equipment for industrial applications such as converters and inverters for railway vehicles, and renewable energy power generation systems.

Key Features of MG800FXF2YMS3 SiC MOSFET

  • Drain-source voltage rating: VDSS=3300V
  • Drain current rating: ID=800A Dual
  • High channel temperature range: Tch=175°C
  • Low loss:
    Eon=250mJ (typ.)
    Eoff=240mJ (typ.)
    VDS(on)sense=1.6V (typ.)
  • Low stray inductance : Ls=12nH (typ.)
  • High power density small iXPLV package