New Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot, Diablo, Makes Waves in the Tech World

Published  October 13, 2023   0
S Staff
Diablo Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot

A groundbreaking robot, Diablo, has taken the tech world by storm, offering a fusion of robotics and the Raspberry Pi. Diablo, created by Direct Drive Tech, is the world's first direct drive self-balancing wheeled leg robot, and it's impressively versatile. This innovative creation boasts adjustable height, gyroscopic stability, and operates on a Raspberry Pi 4, in conjunction with a controller board.

One of Diablo's most exciting features is its self-balancing capability, thanks to six direct drive motors, two for the head tilting mechanism, two for height adjustment, and two for wheel movement. In "creeping mode," the robot can carry an astonishing 80 kilograms (about 176 pounds), making it a powerful workhorse for various tasks. The AI model is currently under development, adding even more possibilities for this impressive machine.

Diablo robot delivery bot

The Diablo robot has already found use in a range of applications, from a delivery bot to a helpful office assistant. It's equipped to navigate challenging environments and is highly agile, balancing itself effortlessly even when subjected to external forces. Its incorporation of a Raspberry Pi and future AI integration promise a bright future for the field of robotics. With endless possibilities, Diablo showcases the incredible potential of technology in the world of robotics.