New GaNFast Power IC for High-Power Performance in Mobile and Consumer Power Electronics

Published  February 16, 2021   0
NV6128 GaNFast Power IC

With 66 % more power compared to traditional silicon chips available in the market, the new NV6128 high power 650V/800V-rated GaNFast power IC from Navitas Semiconductor is suitable for high-power mobile and consumer power electronics. This 70 mOhm device in compact 6 x 8 mm PQFN package is a next-generation semiconductor technology that is capable of running up to 20 times faster than silicon (Si) enabling up to 3 times more power or 3 times faster charging. The new IC comes with a proprietary, integrated cooling pad for high-efficiency, high-density power systems.

The NV6128 is a thermally-enhanced version of the popular GaNFast power IC, optimized for high frequency and soft-switching topologies. Compared to the competing solutions, the NV6128 IC is rated at 650V for nominal operation and a high 800V peak capability for robust operation during transient events. This GaN gate IC is fully protected and comes with an electrostatic discharge (ESD) specification of 2kV. The GaNFast device enables modern high-speed totem-pole architecture and complete 300W solutions at over 1.1W/cc, which is up to 3x smaller and lighter with existing 200 kHz control. 

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Gene Sheridan said, “GaNFast power ICs have been broadly adopted by tier-1 names like Lenovo, Dell, OPPO and Xiaomi for fast-charging mobile adapters up to 200W, with over 13,000,000 shipped and zero failures. With the higher-power NV6128, we extended the effective power range to 500W for the consumer market and look beyond that to a multi-kW data center, eMobility, and new energy applications.”

Key Features of NV6128 GaNFast Power IC

  • Large cooling pad
  • Enhanced thermals when using CS resistor
  • Monolithically-integrated gate drive
  • Wide VCC range (10 to 30 V)
  • Programmable turn-on dV/dt
  • Source Kelvin ground
  • 200 V/ns dV/dt immunity
  • Low 70 mΩ resistance
  • 800V transient voltage rating
  • 650V continuous voltage rating
  • 2 kV ESD rating (HBM)
  • Zero reverse recovery charge

The device offers easy-to-use, high-speed, high-efficiency solutions for 200-500W applications such as all-in-one PCs, TVs, game consoles, eMobility chargers like eScooters, eBikes, gaming laptops, and other consumer electronics. The NV6128 is in high-volume, mass production and immediately available from Navitas distribution partners, with a low price of $7.85 at 1k units.