New 45W and 150W MasterGaN Integrated Half-Bridge Drivers for High-Efficiency Power Conversion

Published  August 25, 2021   0
MasterGaN Integrated Half-Bridge Drivers

STMicroelectronics has introduced twi new 45W and 150W MasterGaN integrated half-bridge drivers for high-efficiency power conversion. Housed in a 9mm x 9mm GQFN package optimized for high-voltage applications with 2mm creepage distance between high-voltage and low-voltage pads, the new MasterGaN3 and MasterGaN5 integrated power packages are best suited for designing switched-mode power supplies, chargers, adapters, high-voltage Power-Factor Correction (PFC), and DC/DC converters. These devices are the latest addition to the existing MasterGaN1, MasterGaN2, and MasterGaN4 devices that target applications from 65W to 400W. These optimum Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices and drivers

The MasterGaN3 and MasterGaN5 integrate two 650V power transistors with optimized high-voltage gate drivers and associated safety and protection circuitry, eliminating gate-driver and circuit-layout design challenges. These integrated devices enable power supplies that are up to 80% smaller than silicon-based designs as well as extremely robust and reliable.

The GaN power transistors of MasterGaN3 devices have asymmetrical on-resistance (Rds(on)) of 225mΩ and 450mΩ, making these devices suited to soft-switching and active-rectification converters. In MasterGaN5 both transistors have 450mΩ Rds(on) for use in topologies such as LLC-resonant and Active Clamp Flyback.

Both the devices have inputs compatible with logic signals from 3.3V to 15V. This simplifies the connection of a host DSP, FPGA, or microcontroller, and external devices such as Hall sensors. They also integrate protection including low-side and high-side under-voltage lockout (UVLO), gate-driver interlocks, over-temperature protection, and a shutdown pin.

Each MasterGaN device is supported with a dedicated prototype board to help designers jump-start new power-supply projects. The EVALMASTERGAN3 and EVALMASTERGAN5 boards contain circuitry to generate single-ended or complementary driving signals. There is an adjustable dead-time generator, as well as connections for the user to apply a separate input signal or PWM signal, add an external bootstrap diode to help with capacitive loads, and insert a low-side shunt resistor for peak-current-mode topologies. The new MasterGaN3 and MasterGaN5 are in production now and are priced from $6.08 for MasterGaN3 and $5.77 for MasterGaN5, for orders of 1000 pieces.