Low Capacitance Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Powertrain and Safety Applications in Self-Driving Vehicles

Published  July 26, 2021   0
GCM033D70E105ME36 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

With the shift to self-driving and other high-functionality vehicles, the demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors has increased. This further has raised the demand for the reduction in the number of components being used.

Meeting the market needs of compact capacitors with large capacity and low ESL to improve the reliability and decrease the surface area by reducing the number of components, Murata has announced the release and mass production of the new GCM033D70E105ME36 multilayer ceramic capacitors.

These new capacitors are available in 0201-inch size (0.6×0.3 mm) with an Electrostatic Capacitance of 1 µF~ for powertrain and safety applications in automobiles. The capacitors have a small implementation area that is approximately 65% and 80% lesser volume as compared to the preceding line of capacitors (0402-inch size) released lately by the company.  

The company further plans to expand its lineup of products to meet market needs and contribute to the shift to high-performance and high-functionality automobiles.