Crafting a Bluetooth-Controlled Excavator-Like Rover: DIY Robot Arm Project

Published  December 15, 2023   0
S Staff
DIY Robot Arm Project

A youtuber named Suresh recently unveiled an innovative project, a Bluetooth-controlled rover robot designed to mimic an excavator's functionalities. This ambitious creation combines a 6-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) robot arm powered by six MG996R servo motors with a YP100 tank chassis kit. The robot's capabilities extend to independently controlling both the intricate arm and the tracked chassis, each adjustable in speed and programmable for continuous operation.

Rover Robot Assembling Image

The robot's components include an Arduino Nano board, Nano IO Expansion board, CNC Shield V3, A4988 stepper drivers, NEMA17 stepper motors, and an HC-05 Bluetooth module. The assembly process begins with the careful construction of the YP100 Metal Tracked Robot Tank Chassis, ensuring its seamless movement and stability. Simultaneously, the 6DOF Robot Arm is assembled, meticulously connecting the MG996R servo motors to enable precise motion across its six degrees of freedom.

Rover Robot Circuit Image

The circuitry intricately involves the IO Expansion Shield, CNC Shield, and Bluetooth module. Special attention is given to power regulation, necessitating the use of a 3S LiPo battery with a step-down buck converter to provide optimal voltage for the components. Precise connections and configurations ensure seamless integration, allowing the HC-05 Bluetooth module to communicate wirelessly with a mobile app, providing users with precise control over the robot's functionalities.

The maker has given the link to the blog where other info like codes and circuit diagram are available for everyone.