CoolGaN 400V and CoolGaN 600V Devices for Premium HiFi audio systems and Low power SMPS applications


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CoolGaN 400V and CoolGaN 600V Devices for Premium HiFi audio systems and Low power SMPS applications

Infineon Technologies has introduced two new devices CoolGaN 400V and CoolGaN 600V, to its portfolio of CoolGan devices. The CoolGan 400V device (IGT40R070D1E8200) is designed for premium HiFi audio systems where end-users demand every detail of their high-resolution soundtrack, which has been conventionally addressed by bulky linear or tube amplifiers. By using CoolGan 400V switch as a class D output stage, designers will be able to deliver an excellent listening experience to their prospective audio fans.


The CoolGan 400V switch enables smooth switching and more linear class D output stage by offering low/linear  Coss, zero Qrr, and normally-off switch.  An ideal class D audio amplifier will offer zero percent distortion and 100 percent efficiency. What impairs the linearity and power loss is highly dependent on switching characteristics of the switching device. The Infineon’s CoolGaN breaks through the technological barriers with the introduction of zero reverse recovery charge in the body diode and very small, linear input and output capacitance which results in more natural and wider sound stage audio experience for the end-user. To further simplify the design, Infineon pairs the CoolGaN 400 V device in an HSOF-8-3 (TO-leadless) package with a popular class D controller (IRS20957STRPBF) in an evaluation board.


The CoolGaN 600V industrial-grade device (IGLD60R190D1) helps with performance and cost optimization for low and mid-power applications such as in the area of low power SMPS and telecom rectifiers. This new device is now extended with a new 190mΩ, industrial-grade HEMT and it was developed to fit any customer and industrial applications on an optimized cost with the aim to lower the technology entry barrier. Easy design-in is supported with a standardized DFN 8x8 packaging and the matching driver ICs from the GaN EiceDRIVER series.


The CoolGaN 400V (IGT40R070D1 E8220) and the new CoolGaN 600V (IGLD60R190D1) devices can be ordered now from the official page. The evaluation board EVAL_AUDAMP24 will be available for order in February 2020.

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