Balancing Act: The DIY Hoverbike Project That's Turning Heads

Published  September 8, 2023   0
S Staff
DIY Hoverbike Balancing Robot

This innovative hoverbike seamlessly blends the dynamics of a hoverboard with the thrill of a bicycle, resulting in a groundbreaking personal mobility solution.

The hoverbike is essentially comprised of two hoverboard halves, each resembling a balancing robot. Ingeniously, foot pressure switches are integrated into both halves, ensuring that the bike activates only when the rider is aboard. The project developer meticulously detailed the inner workings, revealing a complex system of circuit boards, motor drivers, Hall Effect sensors, and a 37-volt battery, all masterfully orchestrated to deliver a unique riding experience.

hoverbike balancing robot

One of the standout features of this hoverbike is the addition of massive Omni Wheels, each boasting 12 small wheels, meticulously crafted with precision. These wheels offer enhanced maneuverability and the ability to turn on the spot. Additionally, the project incorporates a sophisticated belt reduction system to maintain balance and stability while maximizing speed.

omni wheels balancing robot

The complete project has been explained in depth on James bruton’s youtube channel.