A DIY solution for High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logging.

Published  November 16, 2023   0
S Staff
A DIY solution for High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logging.

Hiroshi Nakajima has developed a versatile High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logger, designed to measure power, voltage, and current in a range of devices like PCs and smartphones. This tool is especially adept in handling measurements from 0 to 85V DC. One of its standout features is the ability to send collected data directly to an InfuxDB server, allowing for real-time monitoring through a dashboard. The logger's adaptability is further enhanced by its compatibility with various types of adapters, ranging from USB-TypeC to Type-A/B. The logger is equipped with a Texas Instruments INA228 IC, facilitating high-resolution measurements with impressive accuracy. It also includes an onboard microcontroller, eliminating the need for a connected PC during data collection. The data can be transmitted over WiFi to a Linux PC, where it can be viewed as a graph in the InfuxDB dashboard.

Circuit Daigram of A DIY solution for High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logging

Usage of this logger is straightforward, thanks to its four types of adapters for different measurement needs. It can measure various types of connections, including USB Type-C, mini-B, and other cabling types. The logger is also designed for ease of use, with a clear display showing vital information and a simple button operation for starting and stopping measurements. It has a safe charging mechanism for its LiPo battery and is designed with careful considerations for polarity connections to prevent damage to the device. Overall, Nakajima's High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logger is a robust and user-friendly tool for anyone needing precise power measurements for a variety of electronic devices. For more details please refer to the project Github Repository.