650V CoolSic Hybrid Discrete for Improved Efficiency and Reliability in Automotive Applications

Published  March 8, 2021   0
Infineon’s 650 V CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete

Infineon’s 650 V CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete is a high-performing, reliable, and cost-efficient device specifically designed for automotive purposes. Comprising of 50 A TRENCHSTOP 5 fast-switching IGBT and a CoolSiC Schottky diode, this new device builds a perfect cost-performance trade-off for hard-switching topologies and supports high system integrity in addition to bi-directional charging. Unlike regular silicon carbide MOSFETs, the plug-and-play solution for a fast time-to-market achieves 95 to 97 percent system efficiency at a lower cost level.

The 650V CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete helps in simplifying driver design, accelerating product development, lowering costs, and increasing system robustness. The integrated silicon carbide diodes without reverse recovery charge further optimize the EMC characteristics of the system. This results in greater performance benefits and a better price/performance ratio in topologies such as totem-pole PFC and DAB.

The device is ideal for hard commutation with 30 percent lower losses. The CoolSiC Schottky diode supports reduced turn-on and recovery losses. With its low cooling requirements, the diode also provides an excellent cost-performance trade-off on the system level. The CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete for Automotive is available from the company website.

Features of 650V CoolSic Hybrid Discrete

  • 650V TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT + CoolSiC Schottky Diode Gen5
  • Best-in-class switching and conduction losses
  • No reverse & forward recovery charge
  • High operating temp: Tj,max = 175°C
  • Robust against surge currents
  • Low gate charge Qg Available from 15A up to 50A
  • QualifiedaccordingtoAEC-Q101/100