In our previous tutorial we learnt how to install python on our windows machine and how to interface Arduino with python using a simple LED control project. If you are new, I would strongly recommend you to fall back to the previous tutorial since this tutorial is a continuation of the same.

Automatic floor cleaners are nothing new, but they all share a common problem. They all are too expensive for what they do. Today, we will make a Automatic Home cleaning Robot that only costs a small fraction of the ones in the market. This Robot can detect the obstacles & objects in front of it and can continue moving, avoiding the obstacles, until the whole room is cleaned. It has a small brush attached to it to clean the floor.

This is an interesting project in which we explore the power of an Arduino and Android to create a Surveillance device which uses Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor to broadcast the information to a mobile application (Android) using Bluetooth.

In this project we are going to interface HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor module to Raspberry Pi to measure distance. We have previously used Ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi to build Obstacle Avoiding Robot. Before going any further, lets know about Ultrasonic sensor.


In this DIY, we are going to make an IOT based dumpster/garbage Monitoring System which will tell us that whether the trash can is empty or full through the webserver and you can know the status of your ‘Trash Can’ or 'Dumpsters' from anywhere in the world over the Internet. It will be very useful and can be installed in the Trash Cans at public places as well as at home.

Robots are machines which reduce the human efforts in heavy works by automating the tasks in industries, factories, hospitals etc. Most of the robots are run by using some control unit or components like a push button, remote, joystick, PC, gestures and by executing some command by using controller or processor. But today we are here with a Automatic Robot which moves autonomously without any external events avoiding all the obstacle in its path, yes we talking about Obstacle Avoiding Robot.

Security has always been a major concern for all of us and there are many Hi tech and IoT based security and surveillance system are available in the market. Intruder or Burglar Alarm is one of the classic and popular project among the Electronics students and hobbyists. We have also built many Burglar Alarms based on various technologies:

Hi guys, are you a newbie to the world of Robotics or Electronic? OR Are you looking for a simple yet powerful project to make your friends and teachers impressed? Then this is the place.

In this Arduino based automatic water level indicator and controller project we are going to measure the water level by using ultrasonic sensors. Basic principal of ultrasonic distance measurement is based on ECHO. When sound waves are transmitted in environment then they return back to the origin as ECHO after striking on any obstacle.

In this tutorial we are going to discuss and design a circuit for measuring distance. This circuit is developed by interfacing ultrasonic sensor“HC-SR04” with AVR microcontroller. This sensor uses a technique called “ECHO” which is something you get when sound reflects back after striking with a surface.