Rapid Demand of EVs Rapid Demand of EVs Globally Forcing Chip-makers to Increase Their Production Capacity

Companies, which supplies chips for personal PCs and smartphones like Samsung, TSMC, and Intel have been impacted with…

OEMs-Semiconductor How Top OEMs Escalated Investment in Semiconductors by 25.2%; Explains Gartner

In 2021, Apple’s spending has escalated by 26 percent that helped it to grab the 11.7 percent market

Quantum Computing-Semiconductors Researchers Shows How to Use Semiconductor Materials as a Podium for Solid-state Quantum Computers

The chipset comprises of four qubits in a two-by-two array of quantum dots crafted out of gallium arsenide semiconductor structure

Automobile-Semiconductor Ford, General Motors Announces its Foray into Semiconductor Business

A non-binding agreement has been signed between Ford and GlobalFoundries that will help the chip maker to perk-up supply and production of…