Zero Voltage Switching Chipset Shrinks High-Power-Density Power Supply Units to 100W and Beyond

Published  June 30, 2021   0
Innovative Zero Voltage Switching Chipset

The innovative digital Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) chipset from Dialog Semiconductor enables designers to reduce component size and BOM cost for delivering small form-factor, lightweight power supplies, including travel adapters for smartphones, tablets, laptops, power tools, and other portable devices. Targeting high power density PSUs with Zero Voltage switching technology, these new devices enable 100 Watt and beyond High Power Density (HPD) Power Supply Units (PSUs) that are 30-50% smaller than conventional high power PSUs.

The easy-to-use ZVS RapidCharge solution comes integrated with the iW9801 primary-side controller and the iW709 secondary-side USB PD protocol IC. Additionally, there is an integrated synchronous rectifier controller in the secondary-side iW709 further reduces the overall component count. This secondary-side digital compensation loop ensures stability and eliminates the need for extra compensation components.

The ZVS chipset solution enables customers to simply design higher power density chargers that are lightweight, ultra-small, and quite cost-effective. It offers robust protection for over-voltage (OVP), over-current (OCP), user-configurable over-temperature, shoot-through, brown-in/brown-out VSENSE/ISENSE short, output short, and extra primary-side OCP and OVP. Besides, low standby power of less than 20mW makes it an eco-friendly solution.

The chipset supports most fast charge protocols, including USB PD 3.0 with Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and other third-party proprietary protocols. With the option to employ switching frequencies up to 200 kHz, designers can use a much smaller and lighter transformer and smaller passive components thereby reducing the charger size and weight.