UNIT DualMCU: A Feature-Packed Development Board with ESP32 and RP2040

Published  April 6, 2023   0
S Staff
UNIT DualMCU with ESP32 and RP2040

DualMCU a multi-function development board from the Mexican Electronics manufacturer UNIT Electronics, integrates the capabilities of an ESP32 from Espressif with the RP2040 from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The board contains a Espressif ESP32-Wroom-32 module which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity along with two Tensilica Xtensa LX7 cores running at a clock up to 240MHz and 520kB of SRAM. The onboard RP2040 features two Arm cortex-M0+ cores running at 133Mhz and 264kB of SRAM and the exclusive PIO blocks.

Even though they are in a single development board, both of the microcontrollers works independently. The GPIO pins form both microcontrollers are accessible via the header pins, effectively making it two boards in one. This also enables the user to easily link and co-operate those microcontrollers using standard UART, SPI or I2C. The board gives the flexibility to operate the MCU separately of co-operatively as per the user’s needs. The Board compatibility with the Arduino IDE allows the user for easy development. The board is compact and have a size of 36mmx84mm. The board is available to purchase from UNIT Electronics website or from their Tindie store for around 15$.