Ultra-compact Photocouplers to Reduce PCB Mounting Area by 35% and Maximize Board Space in Industrial Automation and Solar Inverter Applications

Published  May 28, 2021   0
Renesas's IGBT and IPM Drivers

Renesas Electronics has made a new addition to its family of 8.2mm creepage photocouplers with the introduction of three new IGBT drivers and IPM driver to reduce PCB mounting area by 35% to maximize board space in industrial automation and solar inverter applications. The RV1S9231A 2.5A output IGBT driver, RV1S9207A 0.6A output IGBT driver, and RV1S9209A active high output IPM driver measure 2.5mm x 2.1mm and come housed in low-profile LSSO5 packages with 0.65mm pin pitch.

These devices deliver 5,000 Vrms isolation voltage and support high-temperature operation up to 125°C to withstand harsh operating environments. The devices support 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to meet stringent industrial safety standards, adhering to the strict UL61800-5-1 standards for motor drive equipment. The RV1S9209A, RV1S9231A, and RV1S9207A photocouplers are available from Renesas’ worldwide distributors.

Key Features of RV1S92xxA Family

  • Small and long creepage (8.2 mm MIN, LSSO5)
  • Totem pole output (Active High Output Type)
  • Pulse width distortion (|tPLH -tPHL| = 80 ns MAX.)
  • High common-mode transient immunity (CMH, CML = ± 50 kV/μs MIN.)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature (125 °C MAX.)
  • High isolation voltage (BV = 5000 Vr.m.s.)
  • Embossed tape product: RV1S9209ACCSP-10Yx#KC0 : 3500 pcs/reel
  • Pb-Free product