TouchGFX Advanced and Free of Charge Graphical Framework Optimized for STM32 Microcontrollers

Published  August 10, 2022   0
L Lakshita
TouchGFX User-Interface Design Software

STMicroelectronics has released version 4.20 of its TouchGFX user-interface design software which is an advanced, free-of-charge GUI optimized for STM32 microcontrollers and its latest updates include support for ST’s new NeoChrom graphics accelerator, which is integrated into advanced MCUs such as the new STM32U5 series. Developed from ST’s Chrom-ART Accelerator, NeoChrom allows full-screen rotation at any angle and supports texture mapping for smooth, fluid graphics and enhanced ease of use.

TouchGFX 4.20 adds important new features for developers, including support for importing and exporting custom widgets. The environment comprises TouchGFXDesigner, the graphical development tool, and X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX embedded software, which provides all the firmware needed to run the user interface on the target MCU. Fully integrated with the STM32Cube MCU-development ecosystem, TouchGFX provides a complete end-to-end workflow that simplifies design and accelerates time to market.

Key Features

  • Smartphone animations

  • Easy programming

  • Minimum CPU load and footprints

  • Fast start of UI development

  • Part of STM32 ecosystem