Space Saving LED Drivers in Compact DFN Package with Side-Wettable Flanks for Automated Inspection and Improved Reliability

Published  October 13, 2020   0
AEC-Q101-Qualified LED Drivers in Space-Saving DFN2020D-6 Package

Nexperia has released a new range of AEC-Q101-qualified LED drivers in the space-saving DFN2020D-6 (SOT1118D) package. The devices save up to 90% PCB space and feature side-wettable flanks (SWF) for automated inspection (AOI) and improved reliability. Other than this, the inclusion of side-wettable flanks enables the devices to exhibit greater resistance to shear forces and handle greater board flexing without cracking.

The new leadless devices offer performance equivalent to the existing range of LED drivers in leaded packages from Nexperia yet reducing up to 90% PCB space. The DFN2020D-6 LED drivers are available in NPN and PNP technology and have a footprint of just 2x2 mm and a low profile of 0.65 mm. They feature an output current of up to 250 mA (NCR32x types) and a maximum supply voltage of 75 V.

The new DFN2020D-packaged devices with SWF address the concerns like size, performance, and ruggedness of various sectors for general lighting, white goods, and automotive applications. Four DFN2020D-6 LED drivers are in mass production. Also, the parts are made available in leaded SMD styles for customers to make their pick.