Single-Chip Power Management ICs for Continuous Operation in Industrial Applications

Published  July 14, 2020   0
RN5T5610 and RN5T5612 Single-Chip Power Management ICs

Ricoh has introduced two new PMICs namely RN5T5610 and RN5T5612, this single-chip solution provides four high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converters, seven low-dropout regulators, four GPIOs, an interrupt controller (INTC), and an I2C-Bus interface. These devices are designed for continuous operation in industrial applications in a wide operating temperature condition (RN5T5612: -40°C to 85°C, RN5T5610: up to 105°C).

The output voltages and the power-on/off sequence settings can be tailored in a profile and saved in a built-in One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory. The PMIC includes custom programmable features by OTP for initial output voltage setting and start-up/shut-down sequencing. Register settings such as turning individual output voltages on or off, adjusting the DC/DC converter, and LDO output voltage levels by a Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) feature can be controlled by a 2-wire I2C bus interface bus, operating at 400kHz or 3.4MHz. Step-rate for adjusting voltages is 50mV for OTP, and 12.5mV(DC/DC) or 50mA(LDO) for register settings.

The PMIC can be turned ON, OFF, and can be put to Sleep mode, the typical current consumption will be 13µA in the Off-mode and a maximum of up to 440µA in On-mode. The four integrated Buck DC/DC converters in the device can provide 2x 2A and 2x 3A output current and have a peak efficiency level of 95% and they all can operate with a 1µH inductor and 22µF output capacitor. Whereas the Five LDO regulators can be used for multipurpose and provide 3x 300mA and 2x 200mA with the fast-transient response, low output voltage noise, and high ripple rejection ratio.

These new RN5T5610 and RN5T5612 PMICs can be an efficient solution to set up a multi-channel power supply for single board computers, application processors, industrial, and consumer devices.