Single Channel Plug and Play Gate Drivers for 4500V IGBT Modules

Published  March 9, 2020   0
Single-Channel SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play Driver for 4500V Press-Pack IGBT (PPI) Modules

Power Integrations have introduced a new SCALE 2 single-channel +15/-10V, plug and play gate driver for 4500V press pack IGBT (PPI) modules. The 1SP0351 is designed with a simple and easy to use plug and play feature that facilitates commissioning and allows immediate operation after installation. The conformal coating increases the ruggedness and reliability of the driver.

The Drivers are equipped with Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DAAC), short-circuit protection, a built-in DC-DC converter, regulated turn-on gate-drive voltage, DC-DC overload monitoring and supply-voltage monitoring along with an Active Miller Clamping. The component count can be reduced up to 85% when compared with the conventional solutions, because of the sophisticated digital control technique used by the SCALE-2 ASIC chipset.

The new 1SP0351 SCALE-2 gate drivers meet creepage and clearance specifications according to IEC standards (IEC 61800-5-1). These Drivers are best suitable for high-reliability applications such as HVDC VSC, STATCOM/FACTS, medium-voltage drives, Railway main inverters, and other industrial applications.

Features of 1SP0351 Driver

  • Sophisticated digital control in custom mixed-signal ASIC
  • Ready-to-use gate driver solution optimized for Press-Pack IGBTs with 4500 V blocking voltage
  • Single-channel gate driver
  • Optical interface
  • ±50 A peak output gate current
  • 1.8 W output power at maximum ambient temperature
  • -40 °C to +85 °C operating ambient temperature

The 1SP0351 drivers are available now priced at $214.20 in 1,000-piece quantities. For more information visit the 1SP0351 product page on Power Integrations.