Signaloid C0-MicroSD: Powerful FPGA Development Board in a MicroSD form Factor

Published  April 5, 2024   0
S Staff
Signaloid C0-MicroSD

Signaloid, a Cambridge-based company, has showcased its new development board: the Signaloid C0-microSD, a compact FPGA development board that's as small as a standard microSD card. Equipped with an iCE40 FPGA, this board features a unique programming model and interface. The Signaloid C0-microSD is a deagined cloud and edge-based computing needs, particularly for handling uncertain data. Differing from traditional methods like Monte Carlo analysis, Signaloid offers a distinctive approach with its RISC-V-based processor core, delivering rapid decision-making outcomes.


Sporting an iCE40UP5K FPGA at its core, the Signaloid C0-microSD also packs 128 Mbit flash memory, 11 I/O signals, and two onboard LEDs—all squeezed into a form factor that mimics a microSD card. Notably, its microSD interface serves as a standout feature, enabling programming directly through insertion into a host computer's microSD slot. The integration of the microSD interface simplifies development tasks, making the Signaloid C0-microSD appear as a file-based device to the host system. This facilitates seamless programming without the need for external hardware. Additionally, developers can opt for Signaloid's pre-built C0 RISC-V processor core for incorporating Signaloid's uncertainty algorithms into their applications.

Signaloid SD-Dev Carrier Board

Signaloid doesn't stop there; it also offers the Signaloid SD-Dev carrier board for enhanced development capabilities. With USB-C ports, micro-HDMI, and other connectors, this board provides a robust platform for testing and characterisation. Looking ahead, Signaloid intends to release design files to its GitHub repository, after completing the campaign, fostering an open and collaborative environment for further innovation. For those intrigued by this new board, Signaloid's Crowd Supply page offers more insights and the opportunity to stay informed about upcoming developments.