Secure Bluetooth Low Energy Microcontroller with Smart Sensing Features offers Enhanced Security and Processing Capabilities

Published  November 30, 2021   0
RSL15 Wireless Microcontroller

Onsemi has announced new, secure RSL15 wireless microcontroller (MCU) that is an ultra−low power secure Arm Cortex−M33 processor−based Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 wireless MCU designed for connected smart devices in industrial and medical applications. This new MCU with built-in power management offers maximum design flexibility for high performance and ultra-low-power applications. 

With a wide supply voltage range and flexible GPIO, this RSL15 MCU includes 80 kB RAM and is available in 284 kB or 512 kB Flash options. It features cybersecurity platform with Arm CryptoCell−312 for end−to−end product security with secure boot, root of trust, lifecycle management, secure key management, and application and data security.

Key Features of RSL15 MCU

  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 Certified
  • Smart Sense Mode allows some digital and analog peripherals to remain active to monitor and acquire data from external sensors at a very low system−level power consumption
  • Continuous ADC operation in Smart Sense Mode with wakeup on ADC threshold
  • Arm Cortex−M33 processor clocked up to 48 MHz
  • Arm TrustZone® to enable secure execution zones
  • Flexible Power Management: 1.2 V – 3.6 V VBAT. Directly connect 1.5 V Silver−oxide or 3 V Coin Cells without any external active components
  • Two SPI ports with QSPI capability