Scotto108: A unique 3D printed Hand Wired Keyboard

Published  December 21, 2023   0
S Staff
Scotto108 - Hand Wired Keyboard

Joe Scotto, a renowned creator of open-hardware keyboards, has recently introduced his newest creation, a striking ortholinear keyboard named the Scotto108. This unique keyboard features a 108-key full sized ortholinear layout and a large 7u spacebar and 4 maco keys above the number pad, making it a compact design. Perfect as a Christmas present for his parents, Scotto selected Outemu silver and red switches for the keyboard, ensuring a superior typing experience. The keyboard's distinctive appearance is further enhanced by its Comic Sans-styled keycaps with unique texture.

Scotto 108 Copper Wiring Keyboard

The Scotto108 isn't just about looks; it's also technologically advanced. Encased in a 3D-printed housing that secures each switch, the keyboard is driven by a modified Raspberry Pi Pico clone. This clone incorporates the dual-core Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller and is upgraded with a 16MB flash chip. Additionally, it features an on-board WS2812 RGB LED, a USB Type-C connector, and a slightly larger footprint than the original Pico. Scotto's expertise in keyboard design is evident, as he has previously crafted various innovative models, including a one-handed keyboard inspired by the Frogpad, a wing-like thin keyboard, a split board with a single microcontroller, and a unique design that doubles as a mouse. Notably, the Scotto61 is meticulously hand-wired using rigid copper wiring instead of a printed circuit board, connecting the rows and columns directly to the microcontroller's GPIO pins. It operates on a QMK-based firmware. For those interested, more details about the Scotto61 and Scotto's other designs are accessible on his website and GitHub.