ROHM Unveils BD2311NVX-LB: Revolutionizing GaN Device Performance with Ultra-High-Speed Gate Driver

Published  November 9, 2023   0
S Staff
ROHM Unveils BD2311NVX-LB: Revolutionizing GaN Device Performance with Ultra-High-Speed Gate Driver

ROHM introduces the BD2311NVX-LB, an ultra-high-speed gate driver IC designed to optimize the performance of Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices. This innovative IC achieves nanosecond-level gate drive speeds, a breakthrough ideal for high-speed GaN switching. The product's swift switching, with a minimum gate input pulse width of 1.25ns, contributes to the creation of smaller, more energy-efficient, and higher-performing applications.

In response to the increasing demand for improved power conversion efficiency and reduced power supply unit sizes in server systems, ROHM's BD2311NVX-LB addresses the evolving landscape of IoT devices. The ultra-high-speed gate driver is particularly relevant for applications like LiDAR, where high-speed pulsed laser light is crucial for enhanced recognition accuracy in both autonomous driving and industrial monitoring. ROHM's dedication to advancing power device technology is evident in its continuous pursuit of gate driver performance, resulting in this cutting-edge product.

The BD2311NVX-LB incorporates a unique method to suppress gate voltage overshoots, a critical consideration for GaN devices sensitive to input overvoltage. Furthermore, the gate driver allows for the selection of the optimum GaN device by adjusting the gate resistance based on specific application requirements. ROHM's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its EcoGaN lineup of GaN devices, which, when combined with the gate driver BD2311NVX-LB, streamlines design complexities and enhances application reliability.

Renowned professors, Yue-Ming Hsin from the National Central University in Taiwan, Yu-Chen Liu from the National Taipei University of Technology, and Chin Hsia from Chang Gung University, have conducted tests on ROHM's BD2311NVX. The results revealed shorter rise times and lower ringing at a 1MHz switching frequency for DC-DC converters compared to other driver ICs. This reduction in rise time not only maximizes the decrease in switching losses, a key advantage of GaN devices, but also underscores the anticipation for ROHM's comprehensive GaN solutions, leveraging strengths in analog technologies for power supplies and drivers.