ROHM Develops Single-Cell Thermal Printhead for Energy-Efficient Printing

Published  February 22, 2024   0
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Single-Cell Thermal Printhead

ROHM introduces the KR2002-Q06N5AA thermal printhead, designed for compatibility with a single Li-ion battery cell (3.6V) battery drive. This advancement aims to enhance printing performance while achieving approximately 30% energy savings.  2-cell Li-ion battery printers lead in speed and quality for payment terminals and mobile label printers. Single-cell Li-ion battery drives offer size, weight, and energy efficiency advantages but struggle with slower printing speed and shorter battery life. But this thermal printhead matches 2-cell drive print output with a single Li-ion battery cell. The KR2002-Q06N5AA features an innovative structure deviating from traditional designs. It optimizes glaze design, integrates low-resistance heat elements, and enhances protective film structure to improve heat transfer to print media.

Furthermore, improvements in the driver IC and wiring structure increase printing efficiency by effectively converting power into thermal energy. This, combined with enhanced heat transfer, results in substantial energy savings. The optimized thermal print head structure enables comparable printing speed and quality to two-cell drives using just a single cell, thereby reducing energy usage. These advancements are tailored to meet the requirements of compact, lightweight, and durable battery-powered mobile printer applications, such as those used for logistics labels and payment terminals.