Resolver 4.0 Catalog Offers Inductive Position Sensor Designs for Robotics and Home Automation

Published  September 15, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Resolver 4.0 Catalog

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a catalog of reference designs for its innovative inductive position sensors for automotive and industrial electric motors. The new Resolver 4.0 catalog offers market-ready solutions that can be implemented in a wide range of applications such as automotive systems, robotics, servo motors, home automation, and medical. These reference designs include completed schematics, fully wired PCB designs, and Gerber files, allowing engineers to immediately start building working sensing solutions.

Based on Renesas’ proprietary inductive position sensor technology, these IPS sensors weigh significantly less and deliver fast rotational speeds, up to 600 krpm for the IPS2550 and 250 krpm for the IPS2200 (both electrical) to support high-speed motor commutation for passenger cars or motor control for industrial equipment. Additionally, these IPS sensors are completely stray-field immune, are less sensitive to noise and vibration, have superior efficiency and accuracy, and are less susceptible to error than magnets.

Renesas complements these reference designs with software stacks, full tool support, documentation like measurement reports, bill-of-materials and more. In particular, the Renesas Inductive Coil Optimization Tool (ICOT) enables the design of optimized sensing elements based on experiments with air gap variations and performance simulations, including accuracy and error analysis available in the Resolver 4.0 Catalog.