Resettable eFuse with Adjustable Over-Voltage Protection and Flagging Capabilities Provides Additional Safety in Consumer Electronic Devices


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TCKE712BNL Function-rich Resettable eFuse

Toshiba Electronics has introduced a new function-rich resettable eFuse, TCKE712BNL featuring adjustable over-voltage protection and flagging capabilities. Ensuring a high degree of safety, this new device can be used in various consumer electronics goods including cameras, cordless cleaner, and power tools, cleaning robots, servers, smart, speakers, thermostats, and wireless chargers, etc.

Encompassed in a compact WSON10 package, and measuring just 3.00mm x 3.00mm, the TCKE712BNL eFuse takes up minimal board real estate. It covers an input voltage range spanning from 4.4V to 13.2V and exhibits a 53mΩ on-resistance and with a trip time of 320ns. It comes with over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuits protection mechanisms. The over-voltage threshold of the device can be adjusted to fit the specific application requirements.

Additionally, there is a flag function that transmits an external signal thereby alerting engineers of possible faults in the circuit design, so they can be addressed early during the development process. The reverse current blocking feature enables this device to be employed in multiplexed systems. 

Key Features of TCKE712BNL eFuse

  • High input voltage: VIN max = 13.2 V
  • Low ON resistance: RON = 53 mΩ (typ.)
  • Adjustable over current protection
  • Adjustable over-voltage protection
  • Programmable Slew rate control by External Capacitance for Inrush current reduction
  • FLAG indicates
  • Reverse current blocking (SW OFF state)
  • Thermal Shutdown

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