Protectli UPS: A Hackable Open-Source UPS Solution

Published  December 29, 2023   0
S Staff
Protectli UPS

Ryan Walker from Interrupt Labs, in collaboration with Protectli, has developed a new open-source uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This UPS, which operates on 12 18650 batteries, aims to provide a reliable power source for DC-powered devices during outages. Its open-source nature is a key feature, with the design and firmware available under a liberal open-source license. The UPS includes an Espressif ESP32 for web server hosting, a Raspberry Pi RP2040 for control, and GPIO for connecting external components.

UPS Design - 12V DC System

Walker's UPS design is distinctive in its focus on 12V DC systems, making it simpler than many traditional UPS systems. It uses two different sizes of barrel-jack connectors for input and output to help users avoid confusion. The UPS switches to battery power automatically in the absence of input power, ensuring continuity. Besides maintaining power, the UPS has additional features for convenience, like an OLED display for status monitoring and a web server on the ESP32 for control through Network UPS Tools. The project is committed to open hardware, offering firmware for both the ESP32 and RP2040 microcontrollers for user modifications. More information, including schematics and source code, is available on GitHub under the MIT license, with further details and updates on the commercial release accessible on the Protectli website.