Programmable Power Management IC (PMIC) from RICOH for Automotive Audio Equipments and Navigation Systems


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RN5T569 Programmable Power Management IC

RICOH Electronic Devices introduced the RN5T569, a power management multichannel IC (PMIC) for automotive applications that provide four high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converters, seven low-dropout regulators, four GPIOs, an interrupt controller (INTC), and an I2C-Bus interface. The new IC can customize the power supply voltage and the power on/off sequence to meet user-system with a built-in OTP (One-Time Programmable) memory. The RN5T569 PMIC also provides DVC (Dynamic Voltage Scaling), a thermal shutdown function, and overcurrent protection, and a watchdog timer and provides a power-on/off mode which is controllable individually by GPIOx pins.

Features of RN5T569 PMIC

  • Operating Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) : 2.7 V to 5.5 V (6.0 V)
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to 105°C
  • I2C-Bus interface @3.4MHz and 400kHz
  • Thermal Shutdown Function and Watchdog Timer
  • High Efficiency Step-down DCDC Converters
  1. DCDC1 / 2 : 0.6 V to 3.5 V (Max. 3000 mA)
  2. DCDC3 / 4 : 0.6 V to 3.5 V (Max. 2000 mA)
  • Low Drop Voltage Regulators
  1. LDO1 / 2 : 0.9 V to 3.5 V (Max. 300 mA)
  2. LDO3 : 0.6 V to 3.5 V (Max. 300 mA)
  3. LDO4 / 5 : 0.9 V to 3.5 V (Max. 200 mA)
  4. LDORTC1 (Always-on, for Coin battery) : 1.2 V to 3.5 V (Max. 30 mA)
  5. LDORTC2 (Always-on) : 0.9 V to 3.5 V (Max. 10mA)
  • 4-channel GPIOs and Interrupt Controller (INTC)

The RN5T569 PMIC is Packed in the QFN0707-48-P27 (0.5 mm pitch) package with Wettable Flanks hence they are suitable to be used in car accessories including car audio equipment, car navigation system, etc.

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