OpenSource UI for SmartWatch - Built with LVGL on the Arduino framework

Published  May 22, 2024   0
S Staff
OpenSource UI for SmartWatch

Felix Biego, an embedded software engineer from Kenya, has recently developed an open-source user interface for a smartwatch using LVGL on the Arduino framework. This UI runs on the ESP32 C3 Mini with a 240x240 touch display. Amazingly, it includes all the basic features of an entry-level smartwatch in the 2024 market.

The supported screens include Time, Weather, Notifications, Settings, Controls, QR Codes, and even a recently added Racing Game. This UI works flawlessly and smoothly. LVGL, a free and open-source embedded graphics library, is popular for its lightweight and versatile nature, making it an excellent choice for beginners starting their projects.

Game Played by the Author

The image above shows the game played by the author. This game is the most interesting part of the project. Typically, UI designers don’t focus on games, but here, the author created a game using this light and versatile graphic library, playable on the ESP32 hardware.

For those looking to build their own smartwatches or any other device with a user interface, this project is a great starting point. You can refer to the author's GitHub repository for more information about this project.