OMOTE -An ESP32 Based DIY Universal Remote

Published  July 27, 2023   0
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DIY Universal Remote

OMOTE, is an ESP32-based open source universal remote, designed by the maker Max K. with the built in 2.8” 320x240px capacitive touchscreen, this remote provides users with an intuitive and snappy interface for effortlessly switching between devices and settings. Notably, OMOTE stands apart from traditional remotes as it requires no hub or docking station, thanks to its built-in infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. With power consumption optimized to perfection, the remote can operate for months on a single charge of its 2000 mAh Li-Po battery. Moreover, the open-source nature of its design files allows users to fully customize OMOTE to suit their unique devices and preferences.

The creation of OMOTE was no small feat. The challenge lay in optimizing the design for 3D-printing while maintaining a commercial product's aesthetics. Additionally, implementing a touch-based UI on an ESP32 and ensuring optimal responsiveness posed considerable hurdles. To achieve this, the project utilized LVGL, an open-source embedded graphics library well-suited for microcontrollers like the ESP32. The result was a responsive LVGL user interface that exudes professionalism and beauty. OMOTE's interface consists of multiple pages that can be effortlessly scrolled through via swiping horizontally, each dedicated to a specific device's buttons. A settings page, allowing vertical scrolling, enhances user convenience. The device's motion detection, facilitated by the LIS3DH accelerometer, ensures that it awakens when needed, conserving battery life effectively. Armed with infrared, Wi-Fi, and low power consumption in sleep mode, OMOTE empowers users to control smart devices like lightbulbs through communication with an MQTT server over Wi-Fi. With possibilities for future interface configurability, OMOTE continues to stand at the forefront of cutting-edge remote technology, setting new standards for open-source universal remotes worldwide.

Omote Hardware Overview

Incorporating a compact and powerful ESP32-PICO-D4, the remote's PCB was meticulously designed, placing the Wi-Fi antenna strategically to avoid obstruction and ensure optimal performance. A regular 5mm infrared LED and IR receiver, along with a tactile button grid arranged in a 5x5 grid to conserve IO pins, further solidify OMOTE's ingenious design. Through meticulous reflow soldering, OMOTE's ESP32-PICO-D4 was expertly integrated, enabling its remarkable functionality. The final software optimization led to an impressive power efficiency, with the remote drawing a mere 32uA in sleep mode and 150mA during active usage, extending its battery life to approximately 180 days on a 2000 mAh battery. With OMOTE, the world welcomes a game-changing universal remote that amalgamates innovation, versatility, and customizable capabilities, promising a seamless and delightful user experience for years to come.

Omote Circuit