Non-Isolated AC/DC Buck Converters Deliver Low Standby Power and No Audible Noise in Home Appliances and Sensing Systems

Published  June 24, 2021   0
RAA2230XX Buck Regulators

The RAA2230XX non-isolated buck converters from Renesas Electronics deliver low power consumption, noise, and EMI suppression, while also reducing overall system cost giving designers the competitive edge. These new universal input AC/DC switching buck regulators feature a 700V integrated MOSFET capable of delivering up to 8W output power, with the output voltage as low as 3.3V, with various package options. The unmatched feature set of these devices makes them ideal to be used in home appliances, smart homes, sensing systems, power meters, and industrial controls.

The new RAA2230XX buck regulators with 10mW to 30mW power consumption in standby mode enable designers to meet ever-tightening standby power regulations. These buck converters come with a unique switching algorithm that leads to minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and eliminating audible noises like humming and whining. The low 3.3V output supply eliminates the need for a second-stage low dropout regulator (LDO) which reduces BOM cost and board space.

Available in TSOT23-5, SOIC-8, and SOIC-7 package options, these buck regulators connect to the AC line to power Renesas MCUs, sensors, and other digital ICs. Moreover, these complement the company’s deep and broad line of products for the home and industrial markets. These products also support secondary-side-feedback isolated flyback topology.

Key Features of the RAA2230XX Buck Regulators

  • The regulators support both non-isolated buck and isolated flyback topologies. This allows the customers to develop multiple types of AC input power supplies
  • Ultra-low 10mW to 30mW idle power consumption enables compliance with strict standby power regulations
  • Minimal EMI and no audible noise prevent last-minute product development headaches
  • Available in TSOT23-5, SOIC-8, and SOIC-7 package options, delivering pin-to-pin compatibility with competitors’ products for easy replacement

The RAA2230XX buck regulator series includes 2W, 4W, and 8W versions and are available from the company website. Additionally, the company is also offering evaluation boards for different package and output combinations.