New Vehicle Motion Microcontrollers with Integrated Security Functions Accelerate ECU Integration for Zone and Domain Control Applications

Published  November 9, 2021   0
Renesas' RH850/U2B Microcontrollers

Renesas has introduced new RH850/U2B microcontrollers that are built for the rigorous workloads required by vehicle motion in terms of hybrid ICE and xEV traction inverter, high-end zone control, connected gateway, and domain control applications. This next-generation 28nm cross-domain automotive control microcontroller series realizes up to 8 cores x 400MHz incl and is equipped with the latest HW-support technologies to realize the integration of multiple ASIL-D SW-partitions into one ECU while ensuring Freedom-From-Interference between the concurrently running applications to meet the ISO26262 ASIL-D standard. This Series is designed for applications like zone control ECU, Domain control ECU, communication gateway, and vehicle motion applications.

The new RH850/U2B MCUs support safe and rapid full no-wait OTA software updates with dual-bank embedded flash that allows the ECU to update and save images while the MCUs are in active mode. These MCUs features Integrated security functions that support the Evita Full standard, including elliptic curve cryptography, for enhanced protection against cyberattacks and Dedicated data flow processor (DFP) accelerator IP that enables the CPU to offload compute-heavy operations for complex control.

Key Features of RH850/U2B MCUs

  • New high-performance motor control accelerator IP (EMU3S) that works in flexible conjunction with multiple dedicated motor-control timer structures like GTM v4.1 and TSG3
  • Dedicated resolver/digital converter accelerator IP (RDC3X) that processes analog signals from a motor rotational angle sensor (resolver) or an inductive position sensor
  • DR1000C: A RISC-V-based parallel co-processor IP with vector extension (DFP), licensed from NSITEXE, Inc. to support the fast execution of complex mathematical algorithms
  • State-of-the-art communication interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet TSN with switch support
  • Multiple instances of AES128 lock-step modules for conflict-free, deterministic safe, and secure communication


Samples of the RH850/U2B MCUs will be available from April 2022.