New Ultra-compact 5 to 15W AC/DC Converters from MORNSUN


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LSxx-13Bxx AC/DC Converters

MORNSUN has introduced a series of ultra-compact size AC/DC converters called LSxx-13Bxx, that can cover 5W,8W,10W segments. The new series is an extension of previous LS series, with this new series the LS family can now provide up to 15W power range. The new series is housed in a compact vertical and 90° bent pins SIP packages, the new open frame LSxx-13Bxx series can be DIY with the Peripheral components to meet different application requirements.

Features of  LSxx-13Bxx AC/DC Converters

  • Wide input voltage range: 85-305VAC and 100-430VDC
  • Available in either AC or DC input
  • Operating voltage range -40°C ~ +85°C
  • High Power Density, High reliability
  • Output short circuit (OSC), Over Current Protection (OCP)

The LSxx-13Bxx series is very flexible for PCB layout, especially for applications where board real-estate is a factor. LS05-13B-SR2S series is available in the dimension of 25 x18x11 mm and the LS08-3B-SS, LS10-13B- SS and LS15-13B-SS series are available in the dimension of 44.50 x 24 x 15 mm. The LSxx-13Bxx series are mostly used in industrial and commercial applications, especially for IoT, smart home and small household appliances. For more information about the LSxx-13Bxx AC/DC converters, visit the official website of MORNSUN.

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