New Surface Mount DC-DC converters with Chiplet SiP technology for Reducing Package Size and Cost


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MORNSUN's Surface Mount DC-DC Converters

MORNSUN has introduced a new generation of DC-DC converters, the fixed input R4 series with a new packaging technology, that adopts the newest Chiplet SiP (System in Package) technology, which helps in reducing the dimension of the device by 80% and save costs for the customer. The newest Chiplet SiP technology delivers better performance and reliability when compared with the embedded magnetic process in PCB, hence it is used in the miniaturization of the power supply module.

The R4 generation is a comprehensive decoupling of the constraints among dimensions, appearance, surface mount packaging, high performance, and high reliability as it integrates circuit technology, process technology, and material technology. The R4 generation is mounted on PCB through SMD reflow soldering without extra wave soldering process, this simplifies the production process and reduces the production costs, hence the device has achieved cost reduction for the customer.

Features of R4 Series

  • 80% dimensions reduction, more than 50% layout space reduction, 3.1mm thickness
  • Micro-SMD package
  • Meet AEC –Q100
  • Operating temperature range:-40°C to +125°C
  • ESD meets 8KV level
  • High Efficiency up to 85%
  • Continuous short-circuit protection
  • Capacitive load: 2400µF
  • Isolation capacitance: 8pf
  • I/O isolation test voltage: 3000VDC

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