New series of Surface Mount Li-ion Battery Protector IC for Overcurrent and Overcharging Protection

Published  May 7, 2020   0
Surface Mount Li-ion Battery Protector IC

Littelfuse, Inc. introduced the ITV Series, a three-terminal surface-mount Li-ion battery protector for protection against damages caused by overcurrent and overcharging. The ITV series consists of five compact surface-mount packages and are available in the current rating of 12A, 15A, 30A, and 45A. These protectors can provide fast response and reliable performance to interrupt the charging or discharging circuit before the battery pack becomes overcharged or overheated.

The Surface mountable form factor of the ITV series improves assembly efficiency and it's low internal resistance minimizes the power loss. The protectors are certified by UL and TUV to comply with industrial standards and they are environmentally friendly. The ITV series is best suitable for Li-ion battery packs used in power tools, Robotic appliances, E-bikes and e-scooters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), emergency radio, and eCall.

The ITV series has 5 different protectors namely ITV4030 12A series, ITV4030 15A series, ITV5432 30A series, ITV9550 30A series, and ITV9550 45A series, visit the respective product pages to know more.