New Series of PoE Transformers with High Power Densities

Published  June 17, 2021   0
S Staff
MID-POE Power over Ethernet Transformer series

Würth Elektronik has added PoE++ to their MID-POE Power over Ethernet transformer series to meet the rising demand for advancement in smart IoT applications. Ten new transformers are added in the series which are suitable for Flyback or Active Clamp Forward power supplies that comply with the IEEE 802.3bt standard. Moreover, these SMT transformers can provide an output power of up to 95 W.

The company expanded its MID-POE series for IEEE 802.3bt Type 3 (60 W) and Type 4 (90 W) devices. These transformers are utilized in the low-profile EFD20 and EFD25 packages and provide high power densities over a wide range of PoE output voltages.

This new series is suitable for devices such as video conferencing systems, automation control systems, smart IP cameras, and much more. Also, Customer-specific versions are possible on request.

All MID-POE transformers are available from stock without a minimum order quantity.