New Power Modules for Industrial Motor Drive Applications

Published  April 29, 2020   0
Transfer- Molded Power Integrated Module

ON Semiconductor expanded its portfolio for industrial motor drive applications with the introduction of NXH25C120L2C2, NXH35C120L2C2/2C2E, and NXH50C120L2C2E, a 25, 35, and 50 Ampere Transfer- Molded Power Integrated Modules (TM-PIM) for 1200V applications. The modules are available in Converter-Inverter-Brake (CIB) and Converter-Inverter (CI) configurations and they consist of six 1200 V IGBTs, six 1600 V rectifiers, and an NTC thermistor for system-level temperature monitoring, the CIB versions use an additional 1200V IGBT coupled with a diode.

Within the dimension of 73 x 40 x 8 mm, the new modules feature transfer-molded encapsulation, which extends the cycling lifetime for both temperature and power. These modules have solderable pins and have a standardized pin-out for CIB and CI versions.

The company also announced the expansion of the Intelligent Power Module (IPM) portfolio with the NFAM2012L5B and NFAL5065L4B that have a voltage rating of 650V and 1200V and current rating from 10 to 75A. These 3-phase inverters - with integrated short circuit rated Trench IGBTs, fast recovery diode, gate driver, bootstrap circuits, optional NTC thermistor, and protection - provide compact, reliable modules with UL 1557 certification via an isolation rating of 2500 Vrms / minute. The IPMs are designed with the direct binding copper substrate and low loss silicon, which enhances the cycling lifetime and thermal dissipation.

The NCD57000 and NCD57001 IGBT Gate Drivers use on-chip galvanic isolation to enable compact, efficient, reliable gate driver designs by reducing system complexity. With the delivery of 4/6A of source and respective sink current the devices also integrate DESAT, Miller clamp, UVLO, Enable, and regulated VREF.

The NCS21871 zero-drift operational amplifier provides precise signal conditioning with a low input offset voltage of 45µV. The same precision is maintained from -40°C to +125°C with low input offset drift of 0.4 µV/°C, hence they are suitable for low side current sensing. The NCP730 LDO regulator delivers 150mA with ±1% output voltage accuracy at an operating input voltage range of 2.7 to 388V with a low dropout. The device is best suitable for industrial automation as it has a soft-start to suppress inrush current and provide short-circuit and over-temperature protection for overload conditions. For more information about the Transfer- Molded Power Integrated Modules (TM-PIM) and Intelligent Power Module (IPM).