New DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter with Low Quiescent Current can Extend Battery Life by 50%

Published  September 2, 2020   0
TPS63900 DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has introduced the TPS63900, industry’s first DC/DC buck-boost converter that combines a programmable input current limit and integrated dynamic voltage scaling for extending battery life by 50%. The dynamic voltage scaling can deliver power while keeping the system at the minimum voltage required to operate efficiently, this maximizes battery life and reduces the need for maintenance in industrial applications.

The dynamic voltage scaling allows the designers to optimize the power architectures for ultra-low-power sensors and wireless connectivity integrated circuits, this supports the applications that need to operate for at least 10 years using the primary battery.

With the industry’s lowest quiescent current (IQ) of 75nA and an efficiency of 92% at 10µA, the TPS63900 can deliver three times more output current than other similar devices. It is always a challenge for the engineers to design for low IQ while providing enough output current to send signals between connected smart grid applications and a network via commonly used radio-frequency standards, such as narrowband Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth® Low Energy, and long-range and wireless M-Bus.

The TPS63900 can charge the super-capacitors to buffer peak loads, protect battery capacity, and extend system life and performance. With increased stability, the device can reduce up to 50% of the output voltage ripple caused due to transients. The ultra-fast transient response of the TPS63900 maintains low IQ and keeps the internal regulation loop active, this is a big advantage for applications like smart water and gas meters that are always on but require high power in a short period.

The TPS63900 is now available in a 2.5mm x 2.5mm wafer small outline no-lead (WSON) package. If you want to know more about the TPS63900, visit the official website of Texas Instruments Incorporated.